A Full IT Department

What QSITS Offers You

Quantum Solutions ITS (QSITS) delivers you a complete suite of personnel, technologies, solutions and services of an Enterprise Grade IT department.

Here’s what we offer: 

Core IT Services


Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Short for Chief Information or Technology Officer, Quantum Solutions ITS analyzes your entire business to obtain a full understanding of how your business operates, from prospect to invoice. We even observe and record your business processes where computers or technology are not being used. Then, we generate a strategy to ensure your business is working at optimum efficiency maximizing profits and reducing or eliminating risk. Whether your aiming to achieve work-flow efficiencies to lower your costs of administration, finding ways to neutralize your budget or maximizing your technology’s ability to generate revenue, a CIO\CTO will craft a custom plan for you.
*These services are included with any Premium Managed Services contract. 


IT Director IT Manager

The plan crafted between you and the CTO\CIO is shared with the IT Director. This includes budget constraints, regulatory requirements and any other factors that affect your business. The IT Director is responsible for making your custom plan executable and works with our team of specialists to meet the benchmarks and deadlines. The IT Director also reviews your technology, facilities and utilities contracts to ensure best rates possible and that no unnecessary charges are incurred.
*These services are included with any Premium Managed Services contract. 


Systems Engineer Network Engineer Security Engineer

When you need to migrate to a new platform or are implementing new technologies, a Systems Engineer is required to resolve by design any potential technical conflicts with remaining technologies. The systems engineer also designs the architecture in such a way to ensure security, data integrity and best practices. They are crucial to best perform the job and seamlessly deploy migrations or implementations. Not only does this ensure data and security, it is crucial to the plan that is least impactful to your workforce and avoids downtime.
*These services are required for projects outside the scope of Premium Managed Services contracts; however, if during the on-boarding process a Systems Engineer is needed, we offer this services at a discounted rate. Contact us for details.


Systems Administrator Network Administrator

Systems Administrators maintain your infrastructure, keep it updated and provides other constant activities that avoid downtime and ensures systems integrity. These activities also help prevent data and security breach. Systems Administrators maintain servers, software, firmware updates, configuration changes and documentation for your infrastructure. A Systems Administrator is are also responsible for the adds, moves and any changes required for all systems accounts.
*These services are included with any Premium Managed Services contract, EXCEPT when working with a Systems Engineer as part of a project. 


Desk-Side Administrator Service Desk Manager

From getting new employees setup, to hardware and software inventories and asset management, making sure assets are collected from the parting employees, to assisting users with potential problems with devices or workstations, a Desk-Side Administrator is assigned to coordinate the directives of the IT Director and the activities of the Help Desk staff. Desk-Side Administrators are also responsible for documentation and educating your workforce on the technology they use. A Desk-Side Administrator will also fill out reports and key information and is part of the key escalation plan of your help desk resource.
*These services are included with any Premium Managed Services contract, EXCEPT when working with a Systems Engineer as part as a project. 


Help Desk Support Desk Technical Help

These are the personnel your employees will interface with the most. From common questions to support requests, they can handle most everything your staff may need during their day. These professionals also help in any initiatives given to them by the Desk-Side Administrator.
*These services are included with any Premium Managed Services contract, EXCEPT when working with a Desk-Side Administrator as part as a project. 


Welcome Builders!

If you are in need a website to establish your business’ presence online, require a custom solution to provide information to clients and partners or need to track and manage inventory and assets, our team of talented experts can help you achieve your business goals without compromising your company’s core competencies. 


Physical Security & Lines

Need to rip out that old CAT3 or CAT5 and install the newest network cabling? Moving to a new location and need new Internet services? Or maybe you need new network wiring and installation of WAP’s, Cameras and Door Access sensors and panels? Whatever it is, QSITS can provide all these services and more.



Quantum Solutions ITS can provide phones or entire enterprise grade call center and video conferencing solutions for your business. We have designed our services meet all of your communication needs. You can grow your business with ease and peace of mind. 


How QSITS Empowers You

Hiring and keeping well qualified professionals is expensive and hard! It seems every one knows some one in IT, but usually with not quite the skill set you're looking for. Taxes, insurance, liabilities and cost of HR Administration is another set of expenses. Quantum Solutions ITS can help solve these problems for you. Our experience in technology and our network of IT pros can fulfill any one of your technology needs. Our IT Professionals work your behalf to help you survive and thrive.

This is the Quantum Difference.