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  • Help Desk
  • Systems Support
  • Advanced Training
  • Documentation 

Technical Support CIO Consulting CTO Consulting IT Director IT Manager Enterprise IT Operations Dev



  • Support Services + CIO\CTO Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Systems Testing
  • Operations Development 

CIO Consulting IT Budget IT Planning Business Development Corporate Policy Technology Architecture

CIO\CTO Consulting


  • Business Review and Discovery
  • Market Research
  • Work-flow Analysis
  • IT Procedure

Cyber Security CISSP Data Security Regulatory Complicance HIPPA HI-TECH NIST Standards ITIL Network


Don't just survive...THRIVE!

Most businesses believe they can get by with a decent “IT guy”. They’re right.
However, there is a big difference between thriving and surviving. This is why Quantum Solutions ITS was established

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To really understand how QSITS can provide better value and improve your companies profitability, click the link below and begin to discover THE QUANTUM DIFFERENCE!

Work Flow Analysis Six Sigma Cash Flow Analysis IT Budgeting IT Planning Technology Initiatives


Just One Example of How QSITS Can Help MAKE You Money!

 A custom maker of high end goods and services, brought in QSITS to perform a work flow audit to find out what kinds of opportunities they may be missing. We discovered 3 key pain points that were holding their business back from its true potential. They were using several different systems and many hours of manual data entry and labor to perform work estimates, work orders and for vendor and client management. This was causing their operating costs of administration to exceed 30% of costs per job. They also had no IT budget or clear vision of how technology should serve the business outside of reactive and basic tasks of what out of the box software can provide. Because of these two trouble spots, this lead to overspending on technology as a whole, but not spending enough on the initiatives that would benefit the business, but spending too much on day to day support and maintenance.

This is where QSITS stepped in. 

We put this company on a budget based upon their current revenues, so they didn’t have to change prices or feel a pinch. Then we used a little bit of that money to stabilize their technology environment and put them on a support plan to cover their support and maintenance needs. Then we worked with them on a longer term software development initiative that replaced their multi-system approach to production and business management, that could be paid for, from the budget, in increments at benchmarks, to drop their costs per job drastically, and net them over 6 figures in extra profits a year, without changing what they do, or who they do it for.

Let QSITS Help You!

Maybe you came here just looking for traditional IT Support Services. We can certainly do that. But...if you are the kind of company that is looking to grow and maximize potential, then we can help you do SO MUCH MORE!

Compare the Quantum Difference

Don't Hire IT Employees Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Azure SQL Exchange

Full-Time Staff


Payroll Taxes

HR Administration Costs

Hire Per Skill Set Needed


Limited, Expensive, Problematic

Outsourced IT Department DNS DHCP WiFi Networking Routers Switches Cisco Palo Alto Juniper Firewalls


A Fully Staffed IT Department
Multi-Channeled Solution

Usually Less Than the Cost of ONE IT Salaried Position
Custom Consulting Solutions

No Extra Operational or HR Expenses

Change Services as Needs Change
Easy to Plan and Budget

Affordable, Scaleable, Reliable

Don't Hire MSP ISP MPLS VPLS Routing Security Development Project Management Systems Administration

Other MSP's or the "IT Guy"

“Box” Solution Sellers
Little Enterprise Experience

Usually 1 Assigned IT Pro - Single Channel Resource

Response Times from Immediate to Days

Focused on Technology Needs vs. Business Needs
Order Takers vs. Business Solution Consultants
Limited, Hard to Budget, Problematic 


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